Vinita FFA is built on the premise of promoting agriculture. With the increase in population it is imperative that agriculture education is expanded. Vinita FFA is a non-traditional program which encompasses a chapter garden, weekly farmers market, a retail Oklahoma market, and a sought after catering team. The chapter launched a website on December 19, 2017 that highlights all aspects of the chapter events and happening. One more addition of the website is an e-commerce component that allows individuals to buy retail Oklahoma products and student made products. “This will increase our clientele base greatly.” states Carolyn Piguet, Vinita FFA Advisor. The products that are student made are part of their supervised agriculture experience and having capabilities of online sales increase their profit margin of their projects.

The website has another part in the Vinita FFA program. The website brings in various marketing techniques as well as helps to teach the students about use of technology. Technology is important in agriculture as well as any other industry. “Being knowledgeable about technology and various market trends empowers young agriculturalists to be successful in the industry and make a true mark on society.” states Piguet.

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